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Five-0’s Brian Yang, aka “Charlie Fong,” is one of four producers on the Jeremy Lin documentary, “Linsanity.”  A bunch of us saw the first screening here in Hawaii at HIFF – Hawaii International Film Festival – back in April 2013.   Since then, they’ve successfully screened at many film festivals around the world.  It has finally opened in theaters in limited locations October 4th, 2013.  Hawaii was one of the ten cities selected to play it and it opened here on October 11th, 2013.

Brian was traveling in Taipei, Taiwan for their screening and came back to Hawaii for a special Tuesday night screening and tweetup with us on October 15, 2013.  The theater was about half full and Brian said there and later tweeted that “@LinsanityMovie had one of the best Tuesdays of any theater in the nation at @Pearlridge yesterday. Mahalo to the @H50hana!”

New friend to the #H50hana, Traci finally got to meet Brian Yang for the first time!

New friend to the #H50hana, Traci finally got to meet Brian Yang for the first time!

After the screening, Brian did a Q&A and also passed out special Linsanity pens that were from the Taipei screening.  I, @LisaLisa98, was the Street Team Leader here in Hawaii and passed out Linsanity stickers and postcards to the fans in the theater.  People had great reactions to the movie and were all very grateful for Brian being there.  As Brian said, it has all been a “grassroots effort” to market this, so getting out and talking to people directly has been what’s worked best.

DSC02235 t

If you have not seen “Linsanity” yet, I highly recommend that you go see it!  It is NOT just for Jeremy Lin fans or even just sports fans.  It is for ANYONE looking to persevere and succeed.  Jeremy Lin’s story is a true inspiration to anyone that has encountered struggles, rejections, and hardships.  You see his family history of how he grew up and what keeps him going – his faith in God and his family support, his Ohana.  The movie follows Lin through his high school success, his college struggles, finally getting picked by the NBA, only to get demoted back to the D-leagues, and then eventually making his mark with the New York Knicks as to what we know as the craze called “Linsanity.”  You see the softer, more humorous side of Lin joking around with his brothers and friends, even singing karaoke, and my favorite (& yet most simple and humble) part – putting together a small fountain for his home.  The production team interviewed Lin’s former coaches and even NBA star, Yao Ming.  There’s footage from all sorts of media, including President Obama, and it puts you right in the moment of the whole “Linsanity” craze.

@juliehawaii won a special poster from Taiwan for answering Jeremy Lin trivia!  "What is Jeremy Lin's favorite fruit?" Answer: Mango!

@juliehawaii won a special poster from Taiwan for answering Jeremy Lin trivia!
“What is Jeremy Lin’s favorite fruit?” Answer: Mango!

If you’ve already seen “Linsanity” at HIFF, you should go see this again as it is a new cut with added footage and interviews.  It is truly a story worth seeing again, and again, and again!

If you don’t see “Linsanity” listed in a movie theater near you, please check out and to see how you can get your city a screening of it.

The #H50hana then went to Big City Diner Pearlridge to hang out with Brian and his friends after the Q&A.  We appreciate Brian taking time out of his schedule for us.  We always love to see him and support his projects.  Mahalo Brian!

DSC02250 t

And a BIG Mahalo to Big City Diner for staying open for us past their closing time!

“Hawaii Five-0” Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, CBS, Hawaii News Now and Honolulu Pulse “Online Outtakes” all announced that “Sunset on the Beach” for #H50’s Season 4 would be held on Thursday, September 26th, 2013.  The premiere shows on CBS the next day, Friday, September 27th, 2013.

Mike Gordon of the “Honolulu Star-Advertiser” broke the news first by tweeting this shortly after 10am:

#H50 Sunset on the Beach 4 will be on Thursday, Sept. 26, in Waikiki, CBS just announced.”

His story ran in Honolulu Pulse’s “Online Outtakes” here:

Hawaii News Now also had a similar story that was shared by CBS:

Peter Lenkov tweeted: “Big news for #H50 fans – SUNSET ON THE BEACH confirmed – September 26, 2013 – HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!”

Also recently announced was the release date for the Season 3 DVD – September 24, 2013.  Pre-order it from Amazon here.

We hope to see everyone there at #SOTB4!  We’ll be sure to be there and will probably be planning events around that time.  the previous years have been a blast!  Stay tuned for updates!

SOTB group(Photo courtesy of @AmyBakari of @TeamH50. Mahalo!)

On Friday, July 14th, 2013, the local H50hana surprised “Hawaii Five-0” actor Dennis Chun with the first Fan Appreciation Award, a photobook, and numerous lei.  Dennis Chun plays Sgt. Duke Lukela and also appeared on the original Five-0 series.

We wanted to present this award to Dennis Chun because he has always supported our fan pages and has come out to numerous tweetups to meet the fans, both local and those visiting from far away.  From our larger tweetup parties at Big City Diner to the Sunset On The Beach Kualoa Tour Luau to the smallest tweetup at Tropics, he always is pleased to meet Every Single Fan.  He is gracious and kind to everyone, and you will never hear a bad thing about him.  He takes the time to talk to the fans, sign autographs and take pictures.

Dennis and Laura with award

For some of us that have gotten to know him better over the year, we are privileged and blessed to be able to call him our Friend.  We’ve also gotten to meet his partner Laura, who is just as lovely and sweet.  We have become Ohana, family.

We held the surprise luncheon at Big City Diner, Ward.  Their Pearlridge location usually hosts our larger tweetups.  They always take care of us and we get great food and service.

We’d like to thank all of our “regular” H50hana for taking time out of your schedules and making it to the luncheon – Amy, Zoom, Nia, Monica, Julie, Benny, Gina, Chris, and Keith.

Fortunately, Tannya Joaquin from Hawaii News Now heard about us doing this and wanted to capture the moment.  A news camera came with her and recorded us surprising Dennis with the award and photobook.  A short clip was shown on the 6:00 pm Hawaii News Now broadcast that night.

Group with Tannya

Dennis also took the time to talk to a few fans over the phone – @TereseaLea, who had written the speech and is a huge fan of the current and expert on the original series; and also Lydia @OzSunset from the Hawaii Five-0 Australia fan page, to thank them for their immense support of the show.

As fate would have it, Kimo Kahoano, another local celebrity who has also appeared in the current and original series like Dennis, happened to walk by and ended up chatting and taking pictures with us.  It was great to hear stories of what he and Dennis lived through in the original series.  It was a true Five-0 Reunion.

2013-06-14 15.19.42 Dennis Kimo Keith Lisa

The afternoon turned out to be a great celebration of Dennis, Hawaii Five-0, and Ohana.


We just want to thank you for all you’ve done for us.  You truly are a shining Star in our eyes and we wish you only the best for the future.


The whole presentation of the award and photobook, recorded by @LisaLisa98:

A message from Dennis Chun, courtesy of @Amybakari:

A short vine video from Dennis Chun & Laura, courtesy of @LisaLisa98:

Hawaii News Now clip, recorded by @LisaLisa98:

Screencaps of the Hawaii News Now story, courtesy of @LisaLisa98, on our @H50hana Facebook page:

Pictures from the event, courtesy of @LisaLisa98, on our @H50hana Facebook page:

Pictures of the event, courtesy of @TeamH50:

Screencaps of the Photobook, courtesy of @LisaLisa98, on our @H50hana Facebook page:

ADR Agency shared Dennis Chun’s award on their page: (Thanks @Terrysagirl for the find!)

Ohana means Family…

“Ohana means family.  Family means no one gets left behind…  or forgotten.” ~ Lilo and Stitch

The 5-0 team is like family, quite literally in Chin Ho and Kono’s case.  If one gets Lost, the others will go to find them… all the way to the jungles in Korea.  For Steve McGarrett, he never let go of his family’s past and has now come to find his mother alive, hidden all these years from he and his sister Mary.  Chin Ho extended his family by finally marrying Malia.  Now he’s caught in a quandary saving his wife while his cousin Kono has her own life in danger underwater.  Max never forgot his past and avenged his birth mother in an emotional and life-threatening case.  Even Lori became family with the team, dressing up for undercover work, black-tie events, and movie night with Max.  We’ve lost Lori, Jenna, and Captain Fryer this season… but they will never be forgotten.

“Ohana means Family.”

“H50hana” is where the “Hawaii Five-0” Fans are Family.

Families may be “little and broken, but still good.  Yeah, still good.”  …”And if you ever want to leave, you can…but we’ll remember you.”

Families can also grow and extend past countries, language barriers, time differences, and cultures.  That is why we’ve made this site and Facebook page – to connect with all the fans and share what they are experiencing.  There may be ups and downs and some hiccups in the fandom every now and then, but every family has them.  In the end, the fans that are friends will become Family and these friendships will last longer than any television show on the air.

Let’s spread the Aloha spirit and keep the Ohana strong for Season 3!  Mahalo nui loa!

We at H50hana are keeping busy during the summer hiatus.  Our newest feature here is our “BlogOhana” page with an easy link at the top of our site.  We’ll be chatting to your favorite bloggers and 5-0 website owners and getting to know the people behind the scenes who keep us up-to-date with the #H50 news and give us intriguing insight after every episode.  We hope you follow them and their blogs.

Our first installment is from our Cuz @WendieJoy.  Check it out: WendieJoy’s Five-0 Redux

We’ll be updating with a new blogger soon so stay tuned for more!  Mahalo!

Watch Emme Tomimbang on her first installment of “Emme’s Island Moments” as she pays tribute to the late Rose Freeman and James MacArthur.  She also chats with Al Harrington, Dennis Chun, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov and our favorite villain Mark Dacascos. See all the info here:   See the press release here:

Remember: TONIGHT, Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 7:00 – 8:00pm on KGMB (channel 7 for most)

Rebroadcast: Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 9:00 – 10:00pm on KGMB.

Catch the wave! Aloha!


Thanks Peter! Love ya back!

‘Nuf said. 🙂